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Abstract Encaustic

"Encaustic painting allows me to put my perfectionistic fears aside and to embrace the creative process. The reactions of the encaustic materials guide my vision and design - heating the wax and mixing pigments, burning the wax into the wood in layers. Seeing what forms. Fusing myself and the moment - scraping and layering time."  ~ Lauren Loden

Abstract works,  apart from a series.

Creating without defining frees both the artist and the viewer.

"It Comes In Waves"

A Reflection of Frequencies Searching for Balance


Waves are defined as disturbance that transfers energy, information, and momentum through matter or spacetime. These wave transfers are all around us and within us.  They are in nature, in our thoughts and emotions, and in physics and mathematics - they are disambiguous.

"Southern Pine"

Pine trees are  planted  in my southern history. Family tree farms that are seeded, grown over long years, control-burned to bring greater life, and harvested to transform - to building materials, furniture, and paper. Trees of life - in a constant cycle. The pieces in this series conjure images of bark, what lies beneath, and what is to be born.

"Separate but Together"

This series reflects the emotional effects of life during our pandamic - where as a whole we experience both togetherness of being, while at the same time feeling apart from each other. Always reaching to connect.


 I gravitate to water. While this is not a series, I am always coming back to it.  Experiencing the movement, change, and patterns in the water brings me peace. There are no mistakes; there is no need to correct the light, correct the tide -  it simply is.


Inspired by a journey to the red rocks of Sedona and the quest for enlightenment that pulses in this space. 

"Maps and Legends"

Images of our planet, galaxies, and universe. What is seen closely, and from afar.  Textures, sparkles, and life. What is your legend, your direction? Shout out to R.E.M. for the series' namesake. 

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